Remove the light pollution remained in an image
2012-11-18 um 09-51-31

0a. The problem is visible. There is an ungly gradient at the left down side of the photo. It is caused by the light pollution.

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0b. There is solution for that problem! You can eliminate the impact of the light pollution by using this guide. Read how to eliminate the gradients in your photos.

2012-11-18 um 01-16-29

0. This is the photo having the heavy light pollution gradient at the down left side

2012-11-18 um 01-17-33

1. Duplicate the original photo

2012-11-18 um 01-18-56

2. Duplicate the original photo

2012-11-18 um 01-19-46

3. The photo has been duplicated

2012-11-18 um 01-23-04

4. Load both photos in Photoshop

2012-11-18 um 01-32-34

5. Wip out the signal i.e. the nebula. Do not wipe out the gradient. Use the copy stamp tool

2012-11-18 um 01-36-17

6-Use Gaussian Blur in PS

2012-11-18 um 01-37-43

7. The Mask is ready

2012-11-18 um 01-44-46

8-Click on Bild_Bildberechnungen. i.e. Photo_Calculations

2012-11-18 um 09-45-07

9. Select the menu Bild_ Bildberechnungen (clalculations) and subtract the gauss mask from your photo

2012-11-18 um 09-51-31 (2)

10. This is the result Left: The clean photo AFTER the processing. Right: The polluted photo BEFORE the processing.