Astronomer rings
Richard Bell

Sky and

Forum (Astronomy forum in Greece)

TV and Radio
Astronomy Cast (interesting Podcast)

Sky Atlas (Maps of Mars)
GoogleSky (Interactive sky views in infrared, microwave and visible light)
Sky (Sky Map of the month - PDF)
Heavens-above (Satellite, Comet and Solarsystem report) (Interactive sky maps online) (The planets today)
Skyview Cafe (Online astronomy program)
Solar System Tour (Online solar system simulator)
Lpi.Usra.Edu (Lunar, Mars and Mercury maps) (Sky Map) (Real Time Satellite Tracking)

Infos about Celestial Objects
The Stars (Star guide by Prof. Jim Kaler)
ADS Harvard (Detailed search on scientific documents)

Astronomy Topics
Dark (Light pollution)
Seeing estimation (Estimate the sky quality - by William Pickering)

Astrobiology & Xenobiology
The Drake-Equation (Estimation of the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy)
Dr. Michio Kaku (Theoretical Physicist, Author, Professor & Comedian - University of NY/USA)

Flatfield panels (Flatfield panels by Gerd Neumann)

CCDInspector (Collimate your telescope - PC)
PEMPro (Measure and optimize the worm of your telescope mount - PC)
CCDSoft (Image processing - PC)
MaximDL (Image processing - PC)
Gradient Removal (Image processing plugin - PC)
Annie’s Astro Actions (Photoshop plugin - PC)
Astrodigital.Net (CCD & Telescope calculator - PC/Mac/LinuX)
Autoguider Calculator (Autoguider calculator - All platforms)
WCS (Polar assignment with a Webcam)
GIOTTO - (Stacking tool for Webcam astrophotographers - PC)
The Ascom initiative (Telescope control)
Registar (Image alignment and registration - PC)

StarryNight (Planetarium/Astronomy - Mac/PC)
SkyVoyager (Planetarium/Astronomy - Mac/PC/iPhone/iPad)
SkySafari (Planetarium/Astronomy - Mac/iPhone/iPad)
StarMapPro (Planetarium/Astronomy - iPhone)
TheSky (Planetarium/Astronomy - PC) (Planetarium - Mac/Linux/PC)
Pocket Stars (Planetarium - Smartphone/PDA/PC)
Celestia (Visiting the universe - Mac/Linux/PC) (Observation planing tool - Mac/PC)

Anthony Ayiomamitis (Greece)
Rob Gendler (USA)
George Tsaroudis (Greece)
Andreas Chondrogiannis (Greece)

Excellent Shops
Intercon Spacetec (Germany)

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