Fantasy and epics

A new view in a silent world
A new view after an apparent hopeless journey around the stars. A door suddenly opens to an unseen universe. Countless stars dominate this undiscovered firmament, where their silent light raises good emotions and gives a feeling of security.

Under the stars
Immerse yourself in the stars and discover the hidden worlds in an unknown universe. Feel free to be guided in the deepness of the firmament, where the light of other suns endows a new hope over the loneliness of the darkness. Open your eyes and dream of the reality currently taking place in forgotten worlds lost in an bizarre universe. The history of a light beam is an evidence of creation, and creation is based on light.

A journey to the stars
Traveling through space and time, discovering the alien light of lost worlds, feeling the music coming back from the centuries, created in other places behind the sky, where the stars always shine. Feel the ancient light now touching your eyes, feel its innocence, hear its story, discover the unknown masters created the history of all histories.