AstroDigital.Net for Perl

A perl implementation for astrophotographic and visual calculations. It runs direct on the command line. Neither user interface nor graphics support are available. If you want more comfort and much more features get the free .NET version!

"AstroDigital.Net for Perl" is freeware and it is distributed as a single, free-of-charge ZIP package.

Operating Systems: MacOSX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX or MS-Windows.
Interpreter: Perl v5.8. Windows users may download it from Others user may get it from

You can download a stable version right now. Just click on the link below:
AstroDigital.Net - v1.16 Perl Edition (german)

- Download the zip file
- Extract it in your home directory
- Enter "perl --version" to detect if perl is already installed on your computer. If not, download the perl package and install it.

- Edit the perl file and remove the comments (i.e. activate) of the telescope, eyepiece and CCD of your interest
- Enter "perl" to run the program.
- If your telescope is not included, you can easily configure it in the script using a text editor.